I became an actor to be able to give people an escape from reality; a safe space where they can laugh, cry and be moved.

My ultimate dream would be to travel all over the world for my work, connecting with wonderful people and telling stories that I truly believe in!


Most of my work is for screen (films and series), but I also dabble in the occasional stage, singing and dancing performance. The three film niches that truly set my heart on fire are:

Fantasy-adventure stories; if I could live inside a Marvel-film, I would.

Arthouse/Neutral-realistic drama; true human stories that we can all relate to.

Horror; I love to act it, but am too scared to watch it.


With a multifaceted and international training background – throughout the UK, Europe and the USA; at schools such as RADA, Fourth Monkey and the Amsterdam Film School – I will be able to bring the connection, playfulness and professionalism that is needed for your project.

After starting my professional training in 2018, I am currently diving further into Method Acting, Chubbuck and Improv; I always try to find the game and the connection in the play!

A collection of random shots from the past 5 years.


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Crack the Sky


A Story About Love



Anaïs van der Werff is a Dutch-French film and tv actress. Born and raised in the Netherlands, she decided to move to London to attend drama school and pursue acting as her definite career, a decision made during a gap year she spent traveling the world by herself. Other passions include languages, martial arts, singing and her friends & family.

Early life & Education

Anaïs was born in Groningen, a small town in the North-East of The Netherlands, the daughter of two academic creatives (…)


In 2022, Anaïs joined the cast & crew of her first official film role. Plant Psychic is a documentary style film which follows (…)


In Plant Psychic Anaïs marks her debut as the witty, somewhat dim assistant to the brilliant plant whisperer Peter (…)

Recent Projects

BTS shots from the short mockumentary film Plant Psychic.

In Plant Psychic Anaïs marks her debut as the witty, somewhat dim assistant to the brilliant plant whisperer Peter (played by David Malcolm). Scheduled to release late 2022, Plant Psychic is a mockumentary style film which follows the day to day life of Peter and Ash (played by Anaïs van der Werff) as they tend to their own and their clients’ plants. 

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